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:pointr: Welcome everyone & thanks for joining us, below you will find links to Borra fanfiction! :pointl:
If you'd like to suggest a fanfiction, or your fanfiction to be featured up here, tell us in comment section.

:pointr: Someone in the hall - Two-thirds of the Fire Ferrets have fun after practice (Rating: M)

:pointr: Five more minutes - Korra is not at all a morning person. Simply Borra fluff. Oneshot. (Rating: T)

:pointr: Guy like you - Five hundred word drabbles of Bolin and Korra goodness. Borra. (Rating: T)

:pointr: Substance - "After all she's been through, she's going to need you, Mako." Bolin was watching her, listening. And he knew. Korra would need someone too. (Rating: M)

:pointr: Its 4:20 Somewhere - Bolin introduces Korra to pot and they make sweet, stoned love to each other. (Rating: M)

:pointr: Pink and black and blue for you - Shameless Borra smutt/fluff. (Rating: M)

:pointr: Inshightful - Bolin sees more than Korra or Mako could ever know, and for that they should be grateful. (Rating: T)

:pointr: Night Terrors - Bolin is having trouble sleeping. When he finds out Korra is having the same problem, he offers his friend some comfort. Set before the season finale. (Rating: M)

:pointr: Clear as Mud - Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. Sometimes, it's a game-changer. (Rating: M)

:pointr: Full Moon - The full moon, as Bolin learns, does funny things to waterbenders. Smut. Oneshot. (Rating: M)


:pointr: Not that You'll Need it - Korra needs time to think.  Bolin is nothing but hospitable. (Rating: M)

:pointr: So much Closer - He’s wanted this for so long, since the first day he saw her. (Rating: M)

:pointr: On the House - A Borra fic in which Bolin is working at Narook’s and Korra comes in after a bad day. (Not Rated)

:pointr: Something that you Want - Korra called this a date. Straight from her lips: date. (Not Rated)


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I know this is late, but ... here are some recommendations.
The Lost Get Found: [link]
Spin: [link]
Resplendance: [link]
The Game: [link]
I'll Take You In My Arms: [link]
Look At Us: [link]
They're all pretty tame, but yeah.
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